The beginning.

If you have been here before then you know this used to be different. But it’s been so long that my life is different. Things have changed like Our house, my hair, school, chores, and tons more! But the thing is my diet too! I used to eat diary and meat all the time, but know i don’t cause i’m a raw vegan now. You might know what vegan is but not raw vegan, It’s just like being vegan only you can’t eat cooked things. It’s not that hard and my mom makes super yummy stuff! Considering she’s raw vegan too. So i’m starting from the beginning and i’m going to work my way up to the top, hoping that life will get better by it’s fullest. So far being raw vegan is great! I’ve been eating apples and bananas as a snack. So i think that’s it but there are more things as the days move forward and i hope that this post means a lot to you as it does to me.


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