Living on a farm!

I love living on a farm! It’s so fun and cool! We got chickens a few months ago and their in their chicken coop and their free range. Their going to lay eggs in about a month or something like that. We also have a bunny and her name is Thumper. We call her the […]


Soccer, It’s the best sport ever! The feel of kicking the ball and the wind in your air has you run, It’s amazing things words can not describe. My brother plays too and my little sister and other little brother are planning on playing soccer this fall too. Another bonus to soccer is my best […]

The beginning.

If you have been here before then you know this used to be different. But it’s been so long that my life is different. Things have changed like Our house, my hair, school, chores, and tons more! But the thing is my diet too! I used to eat diary and meat all the time, but […]